This may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holidays, with all of its sweet laden tables can be a tricky time for those of us who live with diabetes. Add to the mix a pandemic and cold/flu season and you’ve got a lot to consider. But, enjoying the holidays, food included, isn’t only for non-diabetics. We’ve collected a few tips to make sure that you can keep your blood sugar on track, your health in check and have a wonderful holiday season.

Keep Portions Small

You don’t have to skip all the carbs that fill the holiday table, but it’s smart to keep your selections to one or two, while keeping track of your blood glucose. You don’t want to go above your normal daily carb intake. Alternatively, you can have a small amount (like two tablespoons) of your favorite dishes, although don’t have too many, since even tablespoons add up. Don’t forget that moderation applies to alcoholic drinks, if you choose to drink them, too. Try to stick to the recommended limit of one drink for women, and two for men. Enjoy your drink with a meal, not on it’s own. Picking wisely also means to add some veggies to your plate as you browse the tables.

Stay Active

Yes, holiday gatherings don’t exactly scream physical exercise. Most people think about the holidays as the ultimate excuse to veg out and eat. But, getting in some physical activity doesn’t have to include intense exercise. A walk after dinner, a dance party, or something similar is going to make a world of difference in how sluggish you feel, guaranteed.

Plan Out Your Meals

Another tricky thing during the holidays is that your eating doesn’t necessarily happen on your schedule. You may find yourself at a party where there’s an extra early dinner, or even none, so think about how you will handle irregular meal times. For example, you can bring a snack to tide you over until dinner, and then just eat a little less for dinner. You don’t want a low blood sugar reaction, so if you’re not sure how to handle these situations, make sure to ask the physician in charge of your diabetes care for help.

Wash Your Hands

Make sure to also wash your hands frequently and stay away from others who might be sick. With COVID-19 still spreading as well as cold and flu season upon us, diabetics need to be even more aware of these things as you can be more immune compromised than others around you.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Holiday!