Life Insurance Risk FAQ

At LifeLife Insurance Company we realize how confusing Life Insurance can be.  We look to make this process simple with our 4noexam easy underwriting programs.  Our Life Insurance products transfer risk to an insurance carrier for a small monthly payment.  This transfer of risk provides a larger potentially tax-free payment to a beneficiary if the triggering event occurs.  In the case of Life Insurance, the triggering event is death of the insured.

We understand that it is difficult to identify the risks associated with life, so we have put together this list to assist you in determining if you fit into this product category.  If people depend on you, if there is debt to repay, or if the goal is for burial insurance, Life insurance is the best solution.  See list of some needs below if the main income generator deceases:

✔ Replacement of income

✔ Pay off household debt

✔ Mortgage – paying off mortgage debt can save survivor(s) from needing to sell home

✔ College debt – paying off college debt accrued

✔ Credit card debt – this debt can be financially crippling with high-interest rates

✔ Auto loan – this debt payoff helps to maintain mobility

✔ Business debt – banks and vendors can call all accounts payables and loans at the death of the owner leaving the business worthless

✔ Pay for college education of children

✔ Collateralizing loan to banks or credit unions

✔ Providing money for a special needs’ child or incapacitated spouse

In today’s society, financial security is a key component of maintaining your family and your legacy.  At Lifeline Insurance company, “we have your back”!